Children’s Entertainers

We’ve got children’s entertainers coming out of our heads, shoulders, knees & toes!!!


With over 10 years’ experience at hosting kids’ events, we surely know exactly how to throw a great party for young children (and even adults too!). Our success shows from all the lovely comments we keep getting from our loyal customers, many of which can be found on our ‘Your Thoughts’ page.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we employ the best childrens entertainers you’re ever likely to see in your entire life. That’s all down to the amount of dedication and love these guys (and girls) have for what they do. As everyone knows, you can only show off a truly fantastic side of any person when you’re fully comfortable and in a personal space that you love. That’s exactly what happens to our entertainers when they do parties!

With a wide range of children’s entertainers in Essex and throughout the UK, we are always able to find one to suit any kind of party, for any setting or occasion and for kids of any age! There really is nothing we won’t be able to help you with.

We always see the most important and vital part of your experience with us as being the amazing customer service we continue to pride ourselves on. It’s a known fact that if a customer has a good experience, he or she will tell a handful of people. If they have a terrible experience of a company, they will tell absolutely everybody they know, and nobody wants to hear bad reviews (least of all us!). That’s why we let you control the show and tailor our services to fit completely around your desires. We’re the specialists, but you’re the customer, which means you’re the number one priority in our eyes!

If you’re looking for children’s entertainers in Essex or anywhere in the UK then look no further than The Partyman Company. Take a look at our party entertainers by clicking the buttons to the left to see our Entertainers Profile Pages. Who will you choose?

For more information, please call our friendly Party Planning Team on 08450 345 123.