Choose from a ‘cute and fluffy’ party, a ‘raging reptile’ party, or a mixture of everything! It’s a jungle out there! But it could be in your very own home or party venue!

The Partyman Company are offering something extra special and brand new to our wide variety of entertainers and party packages! Introducing Jungle Jane and all her animals! They’re sure to amaze and delight your children of all ages from tiny tots to teenagers!

Jane has been around animals all her life and started her professional career as a zookeeper in deepest, darkest…. Isle of Wight, looking after all sorts of wildlife including a colony of penguins who she now regards as some of her closest friends (and yes, she can tell them apart!).

Over the years, she has built up an impressive menagerie of about 50 animals (not counting dozens of cockroaches and stick insects!) which now includes snakes and lizards, giant frogs and spiders, creepy-crawlies, rabbits and other furry friends, hedgehogs and even a tame skunk (don’t panic, he doesn’t have the smelly bits of wild skunks!)

A recent addition is a cute little orphaned meerkat. Jane is hoping to find a mate for him when he is older, in the meantime he needs as much attention as possible to stop him getting lonely, so he can often be found visiting parties to meet the children! Jane also rescues many unwanted or unloved pets so she never knows who’ll be turning up next!

The safari fun begins when Jane arrives, bringing with her a selection of her animals, normally about a dozen or so. We know you’ll understand that she can’t guarantee exactly which ones will visit your party as every day is different with animals. Of course, if there’s something ‘bugging’ you (spiders, cockroaches, rats, cute fluffy bunnies?) we can ask Jane to leave them at home on the day of your party.


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Jane will arrive before the party starts to set up, and stay for two hours (including time for the children to eat the scrummy food you’ve provided!) As well as introducing the guests to the animals and making sure they all get to stroke or cuddle everything they want to, she will also play some animal-themed games with the children before taking them all on a special ‘Jungle Jane’ safari around your lounge, party venue or garden if appropriate. The games can be replaced with a fun quiz for older children/teenagers if required. Please mention this at time of booking.

Notes for this Form of Entertainment

Indoor or outdoor
Suitable for use by both children and adults
Requires minimum area of 6 sq metres