Everyone loves having their caricature done and our caricaturists are some of the best! It’s something different and fun for your event and your guests get to take a souvenir home too! We could even brand the paper that is used so that it is a personal souvenir complete with your Company’s logo from your event or party.

Not only does this give the recipient a great memento of the day, but it also provides hilarious entertainment for the many on looking guests too. We can even arrange for the amazing caricaturist to be dressed in a theme maybe as a traditional painter!!


At Weddings or Bar Mitzvahs, we find the best time to work is either during the drinks reception, before the dinner or buffet or after the meals, when there can be a bit of a lull in proceedings.  This is a handy filler whilst the room is being changed over, and before the evening entertainment gets off to a swing.


For Family Fun Days and events, if you are having a large number of visitors, it may be necessary to have more than one caricaturist due to the popularity this entertainment and art creates.

caricatures-rockNotes for this Form of Entertainment

As a guideline each caricaturist takes 5 to 6 minutes per picture for black and white drawings.

Indoor or outdoor
Suitable for both children and adults
Requires area of 2 square metres
Chairs needed for caricaturist and participating guests